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Dish Network Us Customer Support Number

If you have questions like What is Dish Network number for Us ? or How to contact Dish Network in Us then you are on the right page as this page contains the list of Support & Contact Numbers for Dish Network.

Call Dish Network on this phone number to talk to a customer service representative. For other information regarding channels guide, paying bills by phone, packages guide, TV codes, remote control support, on demand services, tailgater, prices and technical support, use the specific phone numbers given below.

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Dish Network Customer Service Phone Numbers

Division Contact Number
New Orders1-888-656-2461
Customer Service Number (Existing Customers)1-855-318-0572
Dish Network Tailgater1-888-615-3724
Dish Pay Bill By Phone1-800-333-DISH (1-800-333-3474)
Phone Number For Dish Cable1-888-434-0112

Additional Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • New Customer Concierge888-715-3291
  • Dish Special Deals And Offers1-888-683-8259
  • Move dish to new Home1-888-557-9569
  • Cancel dish network service1-888-283-2309
  • Dish Satellite1-866-974-1617
  • Dish HopperGO Phone Number1-888-708-8825
  • Suspend dish service1-888-876-7918
  • Dish Network Phone Number (Español)1-800-823-4929

How To Contact Dish Network

Thank you for choosing Dish.

  • To continue your call in English, press 1 
  • Please key in the 10 digit phone number of your account, or your 16 digit account number followed by the pound key. 
  • If you already have Dish or if you have an installation scheduled, press 1. 
  • If you are not currently a DISH customer, press 2. 
  • Please hold for the next available customer service adviser. 
  • To ensure quality, your call may be monitored or recorded. 
  • Thank you very much for calling Dish. How may help you? (real person)

Whenever you call a Dish Network number you are generally presented with phone menu to choose from. A lot of time gets wasted in scanning through the menu to select the right option. We have done the Transcription of each menu to make it easier for you decide whether or to call the number. The idea is to save you some time by having all the perquisites before placing the actual call.