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Sprint Us Customer Support Number

If you have questions like What is Sprint number for Us ? or How to contact Sprint in Us then you are on the right page as this page contains the list of Support & Contact Numbers for Sprint.

Get ahold of Sprint's customer service department on this phone number. If you'd like to enquire for more information regarding wireless and landline, coporate services or international and abroad help lines use the phone numbers below to reach specific departments.

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Sprint Customer Service Phone Numbers

Division Contact Number
New and Existing Customers1-888-211-4727
Existing Customers1-866-866-7509

Business Customer Service

  • Account questions800-927-2199
  • Company Support866-313-6672

How To Contact Sprint

  1. In order to speed up the process, prepare all relevant information including your 10 digit Sprint number and account number, your security code and the final 4 digits of your social security number.
  2. Dial 1-866-866-7509 if you are an existing customer or 1-888-211-4727 if you are a new customer.
    1. If you are calling from a Sprint associated phone press "1", otherwise enter your 10 digit Sprint number.
      1. Follow the automated service instructions
    2. For other consultations you will have to press 2. The following options will be presented
      1. To activate on your new phone or if you’re moving your current number to another phone or device, press 1.
      2. To add a line to your account or by a new device or accessory or if you’re new to Sprint and want to start service, press 2.
      3. If you need help or have issues with payments, billing, your phone or account changes, press 3.
      4. To see if you’re eligible for a phone upgrade, 4.
      5. For all other questions including order status and to find a store, 5.

Follow all these prompts in order to make your Sprint customer service call much faster. You will be connected with a Sprint customer service representative.

Whenever you call a Sprint number you are generally presented with phone menu to choose from. A lot of time gets wasted in scanning through the menu to select the right option. We have done the Transcription of each menu to make it easier for you decide whether or to call the number. The idea is to save you some time by having all the perquisites before placing the actual call.